Real Cutz Barber Shop was established in January 2008 by Billy Gaines and Bobby Berry.  Their passion and love for barbering led to the creation of Real Cutz Barber School (recently reorganized as The International Barber School) in 2012. Nine months later, they graduated their first class of six, while simultaneously opening their second barbershop.  Known for their commitment to helping others in the community,  Billy and Bobby were honored by the City of Birmingham Mayor's Office in 2016 with the Hidden Heroes Award.  Through hard work and partnerships within the community, The International Barber School has established itself as one of the premier schools for barbering education in Alabama.

Recipients of the 2016 City of Birmingham Mayor's Office Hidden Heroes Award

Recipients of the 2016 City of Birmingham Mayor's Office Hidden Heroes Award

Being a barber is about taking care of people.
— Anthony Hamilton

OUR Philosophy

We aspire to change the lives of men and women by giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and career building skills in the industry of barbering. We believe that through education and training in the field of barbering, arts and sciences, we can develop and mentor men and women desiring to achieve the most professional cutting edge skills in the business.

bobby berry

Bobby Berry 

Mr. Bobby Berry is a native of Colorado Springs, Co. He studied biology at Talladega College and later completed his degree at Miles College.  He also studied Chiropractic After Learning at Life College in Marietta, GA.  After college, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a barber.  He later obtained his instructor's license in Barber Sciences.  

billy gaines

Billy Gaines

Billy Gaines is a native of LaFayette, Alabama.  He is a professional Barber Instructor at Real Cutz Barber School.  His 30 years of experience, expertise and passion equips him to prepare men and women for careers in the barbering industry. Away from the Barber School, he enjoys spending time with his family and enhancing his community.


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